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This 6" cake is sure to be the perfect dinner party finish (or perhaps a brunch cake).  It is two tall layers of my signature rich chocolate made with a very healthy dose of Wesley Owens Coffee Cafe espresso (it is simply the finest coffee from the best coffee shop in town). This cake will, indeed, get you going, in the best possible way. 


The espresso flavor blends so well with the rich chocolate sponge you might almost overlook those smooth coffee notes, but the whipped espresso infused chocolate buttercream steps in to provide a perfect bridge between the sponge and yet another layer of espresso infused marshmallow creme draped over the crown which provides that perfect aromatic and a deep creamy finish, just like a perfect mocha latte should.


The final touches are a dollop of ganache pulled into a traditional coffee-foam leaf and vanilla buttercream flowers with a chocolate covered espresso bean nestled in each one.If you're a coffee fan (or a coffee snob), this is what you've been looking for.

Mady Mocha

  • Allergy Warning:

    The Little Truck Cakery kitchen does NOT have a strict nut separation policy; if you have an extreme nut or gluten allergy it would be inadvisable to order one of my cakes, and Red Truck Cakery will not be held liable for any related issues.

    Cottage Foods Act:

    Little Truck Cakery currently operates under the Cottage Foods Act provisions for Colorado; please read details at the link provided:

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