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I'd never thought myself a baker.  In my former life, I had long career in the military and DOD contracting, with a lot of gear-head and craftsmanship hobbies.  I love the outdoors and have a fondness for things that'll kill me.  I'm not sure if I'm your typical baker personality or not, but it turns out I have a knack for it, and it brings me a great deal of satisfaction.

Nothing (and I mean nothing) leaves my kitchen unless it meets my high standards, which can often mean one cake order gets baked a few times before it is perfect.  I really want my cakes to be an experience.  Maybe it brings you a slice of your childhood from that one perfect day.  Maybe it is a memory of a special event.  Maybe you're making a new memory.  Whatever the case, my cakes are anything but typical.  


I love taking classic elements and mixing them up a bit.  I love fudge, and I love chocolate cake, and I love Boston creme.  So why not make a Boston creme filled chocolate Bundt cake with deep, rich chocolate fudge sauce?  Done.  Maybe you like chocolate and orange; it is delightful!  A light, smooth whipped buttercream icing made with fresh orange juice and peppered with orange zest makes the perfect combination.  Who doesn't like tart, tangy-sweet raspberry and vanilla?   That inspired the raspberry compote layered vanilla triple-layer cake.  Do you need a gluten free cake?  I can't think of a better way to get a little sweet than my almond flour Clementine cake.  Do you have a favorite combination?  I can probably make it happen.  I even make pies.

All of my confections are made to order.  Whether it is layer cakes, Bundt cakes, or even pies, I don't make anything until you tell me you want it.  I will gladly (gleefully?) make your cake as organic as possible for an extra fee (that stuff is, regrettably, just more expensive).  I take a great deal of pride in making truly delicious creations, and I want you to be just as proud to serve them.

You can't decide?  That's okay!  Tasting time!

Maybe you can't quite decide what you'd like; it all sounds good!  Maybe some flavors don't seem like you'd like them, but you're curious.  Well, I have just the thing!  I can cater a tasting for you and your friends (always a great time) where you get to sample my cake and topping flavors.  I can even work with one of our local purveyors of spirits to make it a great (if not slightly tipsy) event!  Perfect for a fun gathering of your favorite folks.

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