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I am an Air Force veteran, most recently from Texas and have fallen in love with the majestic beauty and purity of Colorado. I loved serving my nation.  My service exposed me to a great many things; hard times, heartbreaking experiences, amazing cultures, and some of the most beautiful places on earth. 


During those times I realized how amazing this world really is, and how you can find profound beauty in the most mundane scene if you know how and where to look.  Genuine moments became much easier to discern and contrived ones showed themselves more readily.  I've worked hard to make sure my photography captures those honest snippets of life that are increasingly hard to come by.  

Someone once said "Where there is passion, there is art".  I think that's about as true as statement as was ever uttered.  I've found my passion here, and I'm loving life.  


Family Photos 'till  Jan 2010 9276.JPG

What more does a man need than a history to be proud of, a shaggy little dog, and a great woman by his side?

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