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You don't like chocolate but you always wanted a Black Forest cake?  Well, I got ya covered!  Two buttery vanilla layers with homemade caramel and made-from-scratch cherry pie filling, all held together with my delicious whipped vanilla buttercream!  Don't tell the Black Forest crowd, but this might be even better than the original.


Poetic Description:


It's watching the Muppet Show in '80s with your best friend.  It's double dip of ice cream in a freshly made waffle cone.  It's waking up to find mom made you a big stack of pancakes and bacon when you only expected cereal.  It's a brand new pillow.  It's walking into your favorite record store and flipping through the albums.  It's finding $10 crumpled in your coat pocket.  It's a bendy straw in a tall handspun milkshake.  It's a sunflower that suddenly sprung up to greet you on your way to school.  It's giving a horse an apple.  It's a game of tag that leaves you breathless.  It's a campfire on the first warm night of the year.  It's scratching a puppy behind the ears.  It is the undefinable feeling of coming home after a long day and knowing there's no place in the world we'd rather be.

Blonde Forest Cake

  • Allergy Warning:

    The Little Truck Cakery kitchen does NOT have a strict nut separation policy; if you have an extreme nut or gluten allergy it would be inadvisable to order one of my cakes, and Red Truck Cakery will not be held liable for any related issues.

    Cottage Foods Act:

    Little Truck Cakery currently operates under the Cottage Foods Act provisions for Colorado; please read details at the link provided:

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