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If you're a peanut butter fan, this carries on the Little Truck tradition of being over-the-top!


There's a big layer of vanilla sponge topped with light, whipped peanut butter buttercream and a disk of Nutter Butter filling in the center, then topped with crushed Nutter Butter cookie. Then another layer of vanilla sponge which is once again topped with the whipped peanut butter buttercream, but this time a disk of natural creamy peanut butter sits in the center with a layer of chopped roasted peanuts, a dollop of buttercream and a Nutter Butter. More crushed Nutter Butter cookie surround the center as it bumps into 8 dollops of peanut butter buttercream, and the base gets a treatment of even more crushed Nutter Butter cookie.  Want even more crazy?  As for Elvis Style and I'll add banana infused Boston Creme!


Okay... Time for me to wax poetic (some of you dig this):


What is this cake? This cake is a crew cut for summer. It is running through the sprinklers and diving headlong down the Slip-n-Slide then tumbling off into the grass. It's a kiddie pool of ice-cold water from the hose and a slice of watermelon. It's a hot dog during your first professional baseball game and the pennant you brought home to hang on your bedroom wall. Its a dirty old baseball, slightly out of round, that you drove for a triple this season and coach let you keep. It's the first time you got butterflies when that little freckled redhead gave you a surprise kiss and told you that she decided she was your girlfriend. It's getting a better grade than you expected on your fractions test in 4th grade. It's the moment you're terrified to be in the spotlight for the elementary school Arbor Day play, and then hearing everyone cheer after you deliver your lines. It's laying on your back and finding Godzilla and Snoopy in the clouds. It's your puppy chasing you, helter skelter across the backyard for her ball. It's staying up late and reading From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by flashlight, hoping to finish the chapter as the light slowly fades. It is pancakes and bacon instead of cold cereal for breakfast before school for no particular reason. It's earning the Arrow of Light and seeing pride on your father's face. It is the eternal summer of your elementary school childhood living outside and drinking from hoses.


It is innocence.

Nuttah-Buttah Cookie Cake

  • Allergy Warning:

    The Little Truck Cakery kitchen does NOT have a strict nut separation policy; if you have an extreme nut or gluten allergy it would be inadvisable to order one of my cakes, and Red Truck Cakery will not be held liable for any related issues.

    Cottage Foods Act:

    Little Truck Cakery currently operates under the Cottage Foods Act provisions for Colorado; please read details at the link provided:

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