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Gluten Free. Yeah, it's a thing now.

I suppose with the new name comes new options.

I've avoided gluten free backing because every single gluten free cake I've ever had tastes like I imagine the underside of a taxi seat might, with similar texture. Eve

ryone always says "You can't even tell!". It's garbage and until now they've known it was nonsense when they said it.

But before we get into this any further, I need to make this announcement:


If you have a severe allergy to gluten, this is NOT a cake you should purchase!

Okay, with that out of the way, let's get to it.

I managed to work out the correct ingredients, in the correct proportions to make a genuinely AMAZING cake. I'm an absolute cake snob. I've delivered cakes that were ever so slightly below my standard and I've either given them away free or discounted them heavily (or even offered another cake). I'm not messin' about when it comes to the quality of my cakes. I simply DO NOT ACCEPT substandard results. So when I tell you that I'd be hard pressed to choose between my gluten free offerings and my 'normal' cakes, understand that these products aren't 'kind of like a normal cake if you close your eyes and ignore what you're chewing on'. No, these are NORMAL tasting cakes (well, they're way better than normal, but I digress).

The materials ARE more expensive... a LOT more expensive, and as such the gluten free cakes will be more expensive than their glutenous counterparts. I've done what I can to keep costs down, I'll say that much.

So which ones? Any chocolate or vanilla at this point. I'm working on testing my spice and carrot cakes, but honestly I expect that this method and these ingredients will actually elevate those two offerings.

I'm sure you're wondering what that'll cost you. I haven't quite worked out the final costs yet, but I'd expect an additional $10 for any cake selected to make it a gluten-free version.

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