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Cupcakes, Coming Soon!

A lot of folks ask about cupcakes, and that's no surprise. Who doesn't love a cupcake? So why in the world haven't I made them? Valid question. My answer is twofold:

  1. In this rather arid environment the longevity of a cake sponge is largely dependent on its mass as this is a critical element of its ability to maintain moisture. It follows that a smaller cake will lose moisture faster. No one likes dry cake sponge regardless of size.

  2. Profit. I'd love to be independently wealthy and do this for fun while employing an awesome crew, but the truth is that it has to generate some profit to grow and improve. Prices have climbed 300% since I started this business, and fuel prices are through the roof. The margin just wasn't there to make a smaller order of cupcakes viable as part of the delivery model.

Okay, so what changed? I've been doing a ton of experimenting and development of my sponges, and I've found a couple of keys that will make it possible for a cupcake to retain enough moisture to be worthy of the Little Truck namesake. I've also opened up the option for daytime pick-up, which cuts significant cost and time which will make this product available as a result. In fact, I'm also looking at other options like cake donuts and whoopie pies (both are still under development).

So when are they coming? Very soon. I expect the production to be ready to go by 1 Dec '22. Half and whole dozen options. Prices are expected to land at ~$3 per cupcake for a standard chocolate/vanilla option with more custom cupcakes which follow my full-sized cake options to be a little more.

How about a gluten free option? Yup! They'll be more expensive than the normal cupcakes due to increased cost of production, but they're every bit as delicious! Seriously!

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